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From Lahore
10-12 April 2013
Please keep an open mind. You get a glass full of water, and that’s it, you can’t add any more to it! Similarly, if you think you know everything, you will be like a glass full of water which cannot accept anything more.
You need to keep an open mind, ready to receive. This is what was said by Fayaz over a cup of tea. Simple living, high thinking personified.
There were many events which touched my heart. I will share one or two special ones.
Sitting with my hosts, they talked about a special “Khushboo Paan” from Lahore. They asked me, if I would like to have it, I said I would, but not alone. They ordered six special “paans”. We had it, and it was indeed very special, not only because of the paan, but because They had not had it personally since a very close friend of theirs had died 25 years ago. Today they had it just so that I can have it. Sitting in Pakistan, with my host, I a british national of Indian descent, I was overwhelmed, with their love and hospitality.
On another occasion, as they were talking about Indo-Pakistan relations and future, they also expressed a desire, that both these countries should get to gather, and explore the opportunities, The tensions they said are not at the ground level, but created by the political and media establishment! I could not agree more.
The only sad part is that the pain, the turbulence and bloodshed, which has been brought to thousands of households has not been worth it! I still see many families which carry the scar of partition, the pain of loosing the loved ones, or even the homes where their souls resided! It is hurtful, but true!
Apart from business, my journey to Lahore twice, has shown me that there is very little difference in the people on the two sides of the border, there is so much common history that these 67 years of separation and bad blood cannot erase.
I have now a dream too… and hope, if I could contribute in some way to bring about the resurrection of something which was originally the undivided India.


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